Announcing She Spends on Patreon

help she spends close the wage, investing and board seat gaps


She Spends has grown exponentially in the past year with three hard-working women spending their nights and weekends writing the newsletter, making it look amazing and answering community questions in the Facebook group. It's time to take things to the next level while still keeping the essence of She Spends the same. While we may occasionally partner with sponsors, we need your monetary support to meaningfully grow She Spends. 

If you've ever read a She Spends newsletter, taken action on a tip from the community or made a connection, we're asking for a little support. Your pledge will cover:

  • Costs related to site maintenance and newsletter distribution

  • Costs related to contributor growth

  • Costs related to event sponsorship

  • Costs related to audio equipment

As a patron, you'll have access to a behind-the-scenes newsletter we'll produce monthly. We'll let you in on where we are in the process of building She Spends, give you personal career updates and ask for your feedback on potential She Spends initiatives. You'll have a say in the direction of She Spends and help us shape it into the best resource for you.


& A special thank you to the following patrons: 

Ally-Jane Grossan ✨

Kristina King ✨


Sara Rosso ✨