More Tariffs Means More Problems for the Stock Market, Facebook Struggles With Cambridge Analytica Scandal

  • CHINA TARIFFS: On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced a new round of tariffs, this time hitting China with taxes on roughly $50 billion of imports. As a result, the stock market rapidly fell Thursday afternoon, the Wall Street Journalreports.
  • FOREIGN POLICY FLUB: More than 20 people met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia alongside President Donald Trump. None of them were women, the New York Times reports.
  • PLUS-SIZE RETURNS: The plus-size clothing industry is ripe for venture capital investments, Racked reports
  • CAMBRIDGE DATA PROBS: A data breach by Cambridge Analytica, a right-wing research firm, posed major problems for Facebook this week. Vox has an awesome explainer up on what actually happened. 
  • OMNIBUS BILL: The House of Representatives passed an omnibus spending billon Thursday. The bill would avert a government shutdown and includes a myriad of provisions, Politico reports. 
  • MARCH FOR OUR LIVES: The March For Our Lives takes place this weekend in cities and small towns across the United States. If you're interested in attending,here's a link

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #46

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President Trump Enacts Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum, Amazon Appeals to Low-Income Customers

  • TARIFF UPDATE: Last week, President Donald Trump announced major tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from foreign countries. He signed the final tariffson Thursday, which spare Canadian and Mexican imports from being taxed, theWall Street Journal reports. The auto industry, which is already floundering, will likely be the most affected by these changes, according to Markets Insider
  • AMAZON'S UNBANKING: Amazon is making inroads with low-income customers, offering a low-cost version of Amazon Prime to Medicaid recipients,Quartz reports. They're also looking to offer checking accounts to customers without bank accounts, according to Markets Insider.  
  • REBEL GIRLS: Benefit Cosmetics has a storied past, according to Shondaland, which notes that the company's iconic Benetint was created after a stripper came to the store in search of nipple rouge. 
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE FOR WOMEN OF COLOR: This long read in Slateincludes some important statistics about the growing wage gap between white women and women of color. Take a half hour this weekend to dig into it. 
  • WOMEN IN PRIVATE EQUITY: Women produce better returns on behalf of private equity firms, this column in Bloomberg Gadfly notes.
  • #METOO IN FINANCE: The problem of gender inequity still exists in finance and millennial women are afraid to talk about it, according to the Financial Times
  • WHERE ARE THE WOMEN AT?: About 90% of portfolio managers are men, but not because men are better at these jobs, according to MarketWatch

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #44

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Comey Fired, Stock Market Unchanged

  • COMEY'S OUT: The biggest news this week was that Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was investigating Trump's team for its involvement in the Russia election hacks. The surprise did not move markets as expected, CNBC reports. 
  • #MERGERMONDAY: On Monday, several companies announced deals. Sinclair Broadcast Group is paying $3.9 billion for Tribune Media Co. and Coach will pay $2.4 billion for Kate Spade. Kate Spade the human reportedly won't receive any money from the deal.
  • MACY'S & SNAPCHAT FLOUNDER: We're still deep in earnings season. Of note, Macy's reported unfortunate earnings per share of 24 cents for the first quarter (they were expected to report 35 cents per share). Snapchat, in its first quarter as a publicly traded company, lost $2.2 billion. 
  • GETTING THEIR FIX: StitchFix, meanwhile, has found a way to succeed in the retail industry. The company reported $730 million in revenue for the year despite being a startup. 
  • WHOLE NEW BOARD: Whole Foods Market (WFM) will remove more than half of its sitting board. Maybe that makes more room for diversity? Just three women sit on its 12 person board today.
  • UNCONVENTIONAL SHOPPING: Racked had an incredible piece up this week on Iranian women's shopping habits. Instagram has become a hub for women's startups in the Middle Eastern nation.
  • NEGOTIATION HELP: We loved Refinery29's salary negotiation tool, which was published this week. Check it out here

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #2

A rough week for Snapchat. 

A rough week for Snapchat.