• GET A LOAN: Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross said Thursday that he didn't understand why federal workers, who are about to miss their second paycheck due to the government shutdown, are turning to food banks, NPR reports. According to Ross, these folks should get bridge loans instead. 

  • RAISE RULES: Women are far more likely to ask other women for raises than they are to ask men for those raises, new research shows, according to Aeon

  • WAGE GAP: And in more dismal wage gap news, the most common ways companies identify a gap between what they pay men and women could be faulty, according to the Harvard Business Review

  • ILLUSTRIOUS ERROR: American Illustration, a yearly collection of art, attempted to highlight the gender divide between men and women's works in this year's collection. However, the group's choice to make women's images 17 percent smaller than those created by men is not sitting well with the art community. Check out these Twitter threads to learn more.

  • GROWTH SLOWS: The U.S. economy is growing at a slower rate thanks to the government shutdown, CNBC reports.

  • FRIDAY INSPO: Paying off your credit card is a form of self-care, per some Twitterinspo


  • SHUTDOWN CONTINUES: And things are getting dire for federal workers who are working without pay. While corporations are attempting to lighten the load for these workers, the fact remains that they have gone two pay periods without receiving money, Vox reports. 

  • ECHOING EFFECTS: The shutdown also affects domestic violence shelters, which are cutting services because they aren't receiving the federal funding they need to stay open, the Huffington Post reports.

  • REMEMBERING BOGLE: Jack Bogle, the creator of Vanguard and the man who made it much easier for individuals to invest in the stock market, has died,Institutional Investor reports.  

  • MORGAN STANLEY SUIT: A Morgan Stanley banker who was fired after her maternity leave has written to the company's CEO asking to get out of her arbitration so she can sue the company, Bloomberg reports. 

  • BE BETTER: Companies often say they are committed to diversity, but they often aren't all that supportive of their black workers. The Harvard Business Review has some ideas on how companies can do better by their workers of color. 

Tax Bill Passes Congress, Ellevest Cuts Fees

  • TAX BILL: The tax bill has passed Congress. Now that it's done, NPR breaks down what is next when it comes to implementing the law.
  • CRYPTO MADNESS: Long Island Iced Tea Corp. changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. this week and saw its stock price rise more than 300%,Bloomberg is reporting. Sound familiar? It reminds us of the tech bubble that caused a stock market crash in 2001. 
  • #SHINETHEORY: We're so excited to see that Refinery29's Money Diaries column is becoming a book!
  • FEES CUT: Robo-advisor Ellevest cut investment fees for investors with less than $50,000 in their accounts from 0.5% to 0.25%. The female-owned firm is now offering private wealth management, in addition to its robo-investing products, at a premium. 
  • WAGE GAP: E! Network host Catt Sadler has quit, according to the AP, citing that Jason Kennedy, her co-host, makes nearly double her salary.
  • ANOTHER FEMALE VC FUND: Host of The Valley Girl Show, Jesse Draper, has closed a $10 million venture capital fund focused on female founders, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • PRACTICAL ADVICE: Lola published a guide this week on how to ask for a lactation room at work. New mothers rejoice!