Markets Calm As Trade War Slows And No-Deal Brexit Looms

  • MARKET UPDATE: While the 30-year and 3-month yield curve inverted this week, the market did what it has been doing for a few weeks now: dropped 2 percent, then bounced back up. For now, it appears that things are calm, but we'll continue to cover major moves in this newsletter and on our Instagram stories. Be sure to follow along!

  • TRADE WAR: China signaled on Thursday that it and the United States are hopeful that a trade deal will be cut, according to Reuters. Which is likely a good thing, because a trade war with China will be more expensive for women than for men in the United States, according to Sunday Brunch Cafe.

  • HOUSEWORK GAP: The average full-time working woman spends 21 hours per week on housework, just seven hours less than the average time a woman spent in 1900. This is despite all kinds of technological advances. Bloomberg explains why.

  • WOMEN'S ADVICE: Consumers are looking for female financial advisers, according to the Wall Street Journal, and firms are taking note.

  • BREXIT: Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, has suspended Parliament just days after it returns from a summer recess next week. The move is controversial because it shortens the length of time available for Parliament to come to a deal on Brexit. CNN has live updates on the move.

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