Should Personal Finance Become Political? (We Say Yes!)

  • POUND FOOLISH: Should personal finance writers be political? Washington Post columnist and author of Pound Foolish, Helaine Olen says yes.

  • CENTRAL BANK: The European Central Bank cut its key interest rate on Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported. The move is an attempt to turn things around in the global economy.

  • NEGOTIATION CLASSES: Free salary negotiation classes are springing up all over, according to CNBC. Check one out and report back if you can!

  • LATE CAPITALISM: We should have guessed that the next #girlboss-inspired product would be a Ms. Monopoly game. It's almost TOO on the nose.

  • BOARD SEATS: New research discussed in the Harvard Business Review shows that when women join boards, men become less confident.

  • TOXIC FRIENDS: Are you obsessed with the Caroline Calloway-Natalie Beach saga? Read this piece in The Cut and let us know what you think.