U.S. Faces Domestic Terrorism Via Mass Shootings, Again

  • GUN VIOLENCE: Following mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, 200 mayors called on the Senate to impose stricter gun control laws. Reuters reports that Senate leader Mitch McConnell refused to act.

  • DEATH OF A GREAT: Incredible African American author Toni Morrison died this week at 88, the New York Times reports. Read her writing in the New Yorker about work here.

  • BETTER BIRTH CONTROL: Better birth control is inching into existence, with a contraceptive gel close to being mass-marketed. Bloomberg explains why innovation has taken so long.

  • REFI: Following interest rate cuts, home mortgage rates have dropped quite a bit. Mortgage rates are at their lowest in three years, which has many homeowners considering refinancing, the Wall Street Journal reports.

  • RESENTING THIS: Baby boomers have twelve times the wealth that millennials do, all because of housing prices, stagnant wages and the Great Recession, CNBC reports.

  • SOULCYCLE: The owner of SoulCycle and Equinox, Stephen Ross, faced backlash this week for planning a fundraiser for Donald Trump, CNN reports. SoulCycle's explanation for the matter is that Ross is a passive investor... but that doesn't mean the company he owns and profits from shouldn't face criticism.