Bank of America Joins Others in Denying Loans to Private Prison Companies Housing Children at the Border

  • BORDER CRISIS: Read this New Yorker article about one of the facilities holding children separated from their parents in deplorable conditions.

  • #MARSHAEJONES: An Alabama woman has been charged with manslaughter after having been shot five times in the abdomen, all because she miscarried as a result of the injuries, reports.

  • NO LOANS: Bank of America has joined Wells Fargo and JPMorgan in refusing to loan money to private prison companies, Bloomberg reports.

  • SHE/HER/HERS: Those pronoun email signatures aren't going away anytime soon, according to Quartz.

  • MEN'S TEAM: The US Women's Soccer Team is still paid less than the men's team. Deadspin asked the men's team how they felt about this. Their responses? No comment.