Joe Biden's Abortion Problem

  • THIS WEEK IN ABORTION: Presidential candidate Joe Biden said he'd still support the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal dollars from being spent on abortions, except in the case of rape, incest or the mother's life is in danger, The Hill reports. In an MSNBC town hall, Elizabeth Warren explained why it's harmful to folks in poverty. Also, anti-abortion campaigners are running a period tracking app, the Guardian reports. 

  • QUEEN KESHA: Kesha released our new summer anthem this week, Pitchbook reports. It includes a line on equal pay, so it's obviously perfect. 

  • TRADE WAR: A trade war between the United States and Mexico heated up this week, as leaders from both nations negotiated in Washington, D.C., Reuters reports. The talks have arisen because President Donald Trump threatened to slap a 5% tariff on the country if it didn't stem migration from other Latin American countries to the United States. Said tariff would increase by 5% each month up to 25%. 

  • BREAK UP: Fiat Chrysler was set to buy fellow carmaker Renault. Then the deal fell apart, causing Renault shares to plunge. The Wall Street Journal explains what happened. 

  • EMILY DOE: The woman who was assaulted by Brock Turner is writing a novel, The Cut reports.