Several Publicly-Traded Companies Paid $0 in Federal Taxes, 50 Cent Got His Money By Monday

  • ZERO TAXES: Several publicly-traded companies including Amazon and General Motors paid $0 in federal taxes in 2018. Voters, according to The New York Times, are fed up.

  • CALLED OUT: Brown Brothers Harriman, a major investment firm, is advertising its financial advisory services for women. One problem, though, as Ellevest points out: The firm doesn't have all that many women employed in its top ranks.

  • BILLIONAIRES WORRIED: Some of the top-earning Wall Streeters are sounding the alarm on class inequality, DealBook reports. But it seems like their concerns are driven by concerns about economic growth, not because they think this is a problem that needs to be solved. Your thoughts? 

  • LIVE-IN HELP: Want to know why top-earning men are able to earn so much? It turns out that many of them have partners who stay at home, Quartz reports.

  • MONEY BY MONDAY: There truly is nothing better than a public feud between celebrities, especially one involving money. Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules squared off with 50 Cent (also known as 'Fofty') last weekend. The Cut explains why.