The Fight Against Restrictive Abortion Laws Continues, Tesla Shares Tank

  • HE APOLOGIZED: If you don't read anything else this weekend, read this opinion piece in The New York Times, penned by Michelle Alexander. In it, sheshares how she made the decision to get an abortion after she was raped (her rapist apologized), and how she told her daughter about it years later. 

  • RETURN: Hedge fund giant David Tepper is returning his clients' capital after years in the industry, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

  • WYNN MONEY: The Republican party has accepted $400,000 in donations from ex-casino magnate Steve Wynn, who was accused of sexually harassing and assaulting employees last year, Politico reports. 

  • FARE SURGE: Uber and Lyft drivers are working together at Reagan National Airport to ensure that fares surge by shutting down the apps at the same time, then re-opening them to take advantage of the higher payout, WJLA reports. Sounds like the beginnings of a union, no? 

  • PENSION WAR: The Maryland State Pension Fund is working to divest assets from Alabama-based companies and brokers after the state passed its restrictive abortion ban, Institutional Investor reports. 

  • TESLA TROUBLE: Elon Musk wrote an email to employees this week saying that customer demand for their cars is still high, despite analyst concerns to the contrary, Business Insider reports. Tesla's stock tanked this month after skeptical reports on the company's growth prospects were published.