Three States Pass Restrictive Abortion Laws, Igniting Concerns Over A Future Supreme Court Case Challenging Roe v. Wade

  • ABORTION LAWS: Three states passed restrictive abortion laws this week: Georgia, Alabama and Missouri. While it is still legal to get abortions in those states now, when the laws go into effect, most pregnant folks won't be able to access the necessary health care service. Things are bad, but if you want to make change, reach out to your representatives on a state and local level, and sign up to volunteer at your local abortion provider. Donate to groups like the Yellowhammer Fund. New York magazine has a great list of ideas on what to do here

  • TURBOTAX SCAM CONTINUES: It turns out that TurboTax forced a lot of people to pay to do their taxes who shouldn't have. ProPublica has more. 

  • OPIOID EFFECT: One opioid maker, Insys Therapeutics, told shareholders this week that it could be forced to file for bankruptcy, The Wall Street Journal reports. Its stock tanked 74% as a result. 

  • THERANOS 2.0?: Startup uBiome is using stock photos for customer testimonials on its website, The Wall Street Journal reports.

  • LGBTQ FAMILIES: The Trump administration has started de-recognizing the U.S. citizenship of children born to same-sex couples who are U.S. citizens, the Daily Beast reports.