Donald Trump Wrote Down More Than $1 Billion In Tax Losses, His Former Chief Of Staff Profits From Role With New Board Seat

BILLION DOLLAR LOSER: President Donald Trump's tax returns show that he has written down at least $1 billion in business losses, according to the New York Times

  • ABORTION BAN = FORCED BIRTH: Georgia governor Bryan Kemp signed a bill into law this week that would prevent abortions in the state after six weeks. The bill criminalizes abortion, which means that women who attempt to leave the state to have the procedure, or who attempt it illegally could be charged with murder,Slate reports. 

  • HIDDEN DATA: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has moved to limit home loan data, which would severely limit the public's ability to keep an eye on discriminatory lending practices, according to Reveal

  • #FREEBLACKMAMAS: Black Lives Matter is working to raise bail money for black incarcerated mothers this weekend, per Medium.

  • FACE BREAKING: The co-founder of Facebook is now calling on the government to break the company up on the basis of it being a monopoly, per New York Times Opinion.

  • QUESTIONABLE BOARD SEAT: Former White House chief of staff John Kelly now sits on the board of a company, Caliburn International, that operates the largest shelter for migrant children, CBS reports. Seems suspect...