Tax Filing Bill Under Scrutiny, Private Equity Firms are Investing in EVERYTHING

  • TURBO SCAM: Turbotax makes it incredibly hard to file taxes for free, ProPublica reports.

  • THEY DID WHAT?: A former junk bond saleswoman for Cantor Fitzgerald wants to have her day in court company, claiming that her former co-workers allegedly sexually harassed her, Bloomberg reports. Lee Stowell claims her coworkers defecated in her Bernie Sander mug among other offenses. No wonder Cantor Fitzgerald wants to keep the case in mandatory arbitration and out of the public eye. 

  • SOROS FUND MANAGEMENT: The woman leading the Soros family office, Dawn Fitzpatrick, is making sweeping changes at the $25 billion firm, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

  • DEUTSCHE FOR SALE: UBS and Deutsche Bank are reportedly in serious merger talks, according to the Financial Times

  • TESLA TANKS: Tesla reported earnings this week and the results left something to be desired, according to The Wall Street Journal