Market Ignores Mueller Report, Billionaires Finance Notre Dame Rebuild

MUELLER REPORT: The Mueller Report, which details the months-long investigation into President Donald Trump, landed Thursday. While some expected that the stock market would falter as a result of the findings, it largely shrugged things off, Barron's reports

  • TWO QUEENS: Janelle Monae interviewed Lizzo for them. Need we say more?

  • SERENA: Ever wonder how Serena Williams invests? Now you can find out by checking out her venture capital fund's website

  • FED: Herman Cain is still under consideration for the Federal Reserve Board, despite concerns about his experience. Now, one woman who says Cain sexually harassed her has offered to describe to the Senate Banking Committee how his private parts look to corroborate her story, the Daily Beast reports.

  • NOTRE DAME: The Notre Dame burned this week, and private equity giants are stepping in to help defray the costs, Institutional Investor reports.

  • MLM: Is academia an MLM? Anne Helen Petersen ponders the question in her newsletter. Bonus reading: The Gentrification of the Mind by Sarah Schulman

  • INFLUENCERS AND "FEMINISM": Influencers love to bastardize the term "feminism," but at what cost? Blue Collar Red Lipstick explores the issue on her blog.