Hedge Fund Star Accused of Harassment, Glossier Surpasses $1 Billion Valuation

  • HARASSMENT ACCUSATIONS: Hedge fund magnate and the co-founder of Birthright Israel, Michael Steinhardt, allegedly engaged in sexual harassment, the New York Times reports. 

  • CAT MARNELL? TAXES?: New York party queen, author of "How To Murder Your Life" and former xoJane columnist Cat Marnell pays taxes now, The Cut reports. A gem from the interview: "Everyone’s always like, 'Oh, she has daddy’s money.' First of all, that’s very sexist. It was always my grandmother’s money."

  • GLOSSIER SURPASSES $1B: Beauty startup Glossier has surpassed a $1 billion valuation, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

  • UNDERSERVED: Ro, the startup that brought you those risque subway ads, has launched a platform called Rory for women with menopause, Fortune reports. 

  • BAD BLOOD: Have you watched the Theranos documentary on HBO yet? If you can't get enough (and if you've already read the book and the news stories, and listened to the podcast), Tavi Gevinson has a spot on imitation of Elizabeth Holmes.