Celebrities, Financiers Charged in College Admissions Bribery Scheme

  • BRIBED: Approximately 50 celebrities, financiers and other wealthy folks were indicted this week for allegedly bribing college athletic staff to accept their children or for bribing a college test prep center to change their children's entrance exam scores, The New York Times reports. If you want deets on the financiers involved in the scheme, check out Institutional Investor's story. 

  • DOING THINGS: Ever wonder how Outdoor Voices become so popular? Jia Tolentino profiled the business for The New Yorker this week. 

  • BANKRUPTCY: Not all companies that file for bankruptcy close their doors. Vox explains why. 

  • WARREN BUFFETT'S BIG PROBLEM: Berkshire Hathaway, the veritable empire of companies owned by legendary investor Warren Buffett, has a problem: its workers' compensation unit is being investigated by New Jersey regulators, the New York Post reports. 

  • SAFE SPACES: Autostraddle has a great piece on making activist spaces safe for everyone. 

  • WOMEN'S HEALTH: New York had a busy week when it came to women's healthcare. Thousands of backlogged rape kits were tested, and as a result, 64 attackers were convicted, The New York Times reports. But pelvic exams can still take place without consent in the state. A set of new bills introduced this week aims to change that, Politico reports.