La Croix's Price Tanks After Earnings, Martin Shkreli is Running His Drug Company From Jail

  • LA CROIX CRATERS: The maker of La Croix, National Beverage Corp., saw profits fall 36.9% during the three months ending January 26, CNBC reports. The beverage company blamed the profit loss on "injustice," although it is unclear what sort of injustice they mean.

  • FIRE BROS: Have you heard of the FIRE movement? It promises Financial Independence and Retiring Early, and it's chock full of batshit bros, according to Mel. Check out the article and then learn about the women of the FIRE movement (who happen to be very cool!).

  • PREMIUM MEDIOCRE: Have you noticed that more upgrades are within your reach, but that they're not exactly fancy? You're not alone. The Business of Fashion explains the rise of premium mediocre in a December op-ed. 

  • SHKRELI'S BACK: Drug price gouger Martin Shkreli is apparently running his company from jail, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

  • BANKRUPTCY: The drug company behind Oxycontin, Purdue Pharma, is considering filing for bankruptcy, Reuters reports.