Pinterest Will Go Public This Spring, The Lip Bar Opens Its First Brick and Mortar Location

  • PINTEREST IPO: Tech company Pinterest has filed to go public with a valuation of at least $12 billion, The Wall Street Journal reports. Translation: you will soon be able to buy and sell shares of the company.

  • MAKING MONEY MOVES: Cosmetics company The Lip Bar has opened its first brick and mortar store in Detroit, Crain's reports. Amanda spoke with the company's founder just one year ago. Check out what she shared here

  • MUTING, NOT CANCELING: Thinking about how cancel culture affects the community? Us too. This blog post on muting, rather than canceling, was illuminating.  

  • LET THEM BE HOBBIES: Don't give into the modern trap of turning hobbies into hustles, according to Man Repeller.

  • HAIR PEACE: New York City has made it illegal to discriminate based on someone's hairstyles, which provides a legal recourse for those who have been harassed or punished based on how they wear their hair, the New York Times reports.