Government Remains Closed as Market Flounders

  • NEW YEAR, NEW MARKET?: The NASDAQ and Dow Jones Industrial Average, two indexes that measure how well the stock market is performing, are still struggling in the New Year. While we haven't reached a bear market yet, one could be in the card this year, analysts say, according to Marketwatch

  • PHARMA DEAL: Bristol Meyers Squibb has agreed to pay $74 billion for Celgene, inking the largest deal in pharmaceutical industry history. according toCNN

  • APPLE WOES: Tech giant Apple cut its first-quarter guidance on Wednesday after sales of the iPhone dropped in China, according to the Wall Street Journal

  • OUR BEST SKINCARE SECRET: It's money, and lots of it, according to The Atlantic

  • SHUTDOWN CONSEQUENCES: The federal government shutdown is hitting native communities particularly hard, according to the New York Times. These groups are reliant on federally funded food pantries and health clinics, which they receive in exchange for having given up so much land, according to the story. 

  • ICYMI: Over the holiday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted that he had made individual calls to the CEOs of the country's six biggest banks to ensure the had sufficient liquidity. According to CNBC, Mnuchin meant to telegraph that the economy is strong. Instead, the markets fell.