Tesla Continues To Struggle With Bad Press, Bumble Launches Venture Capital Fund

  • TESLA TROUBLE: Electronic vehicle maker Tesla continued to struggle this week, as a former security employee has filed a whistleblower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission alleging that Tesla failed to disclose stolen goods to shareholders and that the company was spying on employees, CNBC reports. 
  • BIOTECH FOR WOMEN: A women's health care company called Antiva Biosciences is working to render a cervical surgery for women with HPV unnecessary. But male venture capitalists and OBGYNs are struggling to see the importance of the drug, Stat News reports. 

  • LEAD BETTER: Managers often waste their employees' time. The Wall Street Journal details how managers can become better at providing the right amount of work for the people they employ.

  • GENERIC EPIPEN: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a generic version of the EpiPen, which will drive down the cost of the pricey drug, Marketwatch reports. 

  • BUMBLE BIZ: Bumble announced Wednesday that it plans to launch a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in women-owned and -operated businesses, TechCrunch reports. 

  • MOVIEPASS MADNESS: Try to cancel your Moviepass? Double check that it actually went through. Vox reports that some users were re-enrolled.