EPA Chief Used Power To Help Wife, Himself; Medicare and Social Security Running Out Faster Than Expected

  • EQUAL PAY DAY: The Equal Pay Act was passed in the United States 55 years ago Thursday, but the wage gap still persists. Check out what people on Twitterare saying about the problem. 
  • PRUITT PROBLEMS: Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt had a busy week. The Washington Post reported that he enlisted staff to help buy his wife a Chik-fil-A franchise. A separate report said he asked staff to track down difficult-to-find lotion. 
  • KATE SPADE: Beloved handbag designer Kate Spade died by suicide this week, the New York Times reports. If you're struggling with your mental health, reach out
  • SOCIAL PROGRAM INSOLVENCY: Medicare and social security are running out at a faster rate than expected, The Washington Post reports. 
  • PROBLEM WITH ZELL: Real estate investor Sam Zell tried to talk about gender diversity and the #metoo movement at a conference this week, only to end up using a vulgarity while doing it, Bloomberg reports. 
  • PAY DAY FOR R+F: The billionaire dermatologists who own Rodan + Fields stand to make a lot of money from the leveraged loan market, according toBloomberg

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #57