Banking Rules Rolled Back This Week, The NYSE Welcomes Its First Female COO

  • RULE ROLLBACK: The major banking regulations that came out of the Great Recession were partially rolled back by Congress and President Donald TrumpThursday, CNBC reports. The rollback of regulations will benefit mid-sized banks and community lenders.
  • ABORTION FUNDING: President Donald Trump announced late last week that he planned to ban the use of family planning clinics that refer women for abortions, The Hill reports.
  • WOMEN IN DEBT: Just one-fifth of the employees in the private debt industry are women, according to The Lead Left. Yikes. 
  • NYSE: The New York Stock Exchange hired its first female chief operating officer in its 226 years of existence this week, the Wall Street Journal reports
  • NO NORTH KOREA MEETING: President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of his meeting with North Korea's leader resulted in a stock sell off Thursday, according to Reuters.  
  • GOVERNMENT-BACKED MORTGAGES: Small-time bankers are making a ton of money by selling home loans to customers with weak credit or low income,Bloomberg reports. Sounds like the catalyst for the Great Recession to us.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #55

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