Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Reveals Shady Payments, Ladies Get Paid Gets Sued

  • WTF FINANCING: This week, Stormy Daniels' lawyer released documents that show that AT&T, biotech giant Novartis and a private equity firm called Columbus Nova made payments to a shell company owned by Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's lawyer, in exchange for access to the president. Bloomberg has more on the developing story. 
  • LADIES GET PAID: A men's rights group sued Ladies Get Paid for discrimination this week. Ladies Get Paid is raising money to settle and continue working to ensure that women get paid what they're worth. 
  • STYLE SPENDING: An app completely changed the way one reader looks at spending on clothing. Her Glamour story explains.
  • TRIPLE F: Venture capital firm, Female Founders Fund, has closed on its latest round of funding, TechCrunch reports. 
  • MAGIC MATH: This Bloomberg piece shows how companies try to use math to make it seem like they no longer have a wage gap. 
  • TAX PROBLEMS: The Baltimore Police Commissioner was charged with failure to file taxes this week. Darryl De Sousa didn't pay taxes for three years, according to the Maryland Attorney General's Office
  • BANKRUPTCY BUYOUT: The Weinstein Company has been acquired after filing for bankruptcy, according to Institutional Investor. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #53

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