Study: Wage Gap is a Result of Sexism (Duh)

  • WAGE GAP NEWS: The wage gap is a result of sexism, not low paying industries, new research shows. According to Buzzfeed, the study shows that men and women add the same amount of value to their workplace, but are compensated completely differently for that value. Yikes.
  • #FINANCETOO: The finance industry is trying to cash in on #metoo, according to The New York Times. They are offering victims of sexual assault money ahead of lawsuits. That money, though, comes with a high interest rate. 
  • BAD NEWS FOR BITCOIN: The Securities and Exchange Commission (the main regulator of the stock market in the U.S.), shut down an initial coin offering this week, Business Insider reports.
  • FOR RICHER OR POORER: This Buzzfeed piece on losing wealth during a divorce is an important read.
  • HEALTHCARE PARTNERS: JPMorgan, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway announced a partnership to cut down on healthcare costs this week,Marketwatch reports. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #39

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