Stock Market Flounders For One Week: Is This The Top?

  • DOW DROP: The Dow Jones Industrial Average – a marker for the stock market's performance on the whole – has been falling since last Friday reports CNBC.
  • WORKING MOMS: Moms are punished in the workplace, even when they own their own businesses, according to The Washington Post
  • PAY CUTS FOR MEN: Men taking pay cuts won't do much to change the wage gap, CNN reports. 
  • LULU DRAMA: Lululemon's shares fell this week after its CEO abruptly resigned for violating the company's standards, Business Insider reports.  
  • CLASS PASSING: How do people who grew up poor, but now are considered wealthy, learn the rules of the rich? This Guardian piece explores answers to that question.
  • BROKE BITCHES: Our parents are broke and so are we, according to Bustle. So how do we deal? 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #40

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