Wage Gap Worse Than Initially Reported, Women Face a Commuting Gap Too

  • BAD NEWS: The gender wage gap is even worse than we thought, a new report published this week shows. Women make less than half of what men earn over the long term, according to the Huffington Post

  • MUST-READ: We love Call Your Girlfriend co-host Aminatou Sow's work diary in the New York Times this week. 

  • COMMUTING GAP: Women don't just deal with a wage gap - we face a commuting gap too. According to a new CNN report, women are paying more to commute to work daily than men. 

  • CASH FREE: A New York politician is working to make cash-free restaurants and other businesses a thing of the past, according to Grubstreet

  • PE-OWNED NURSING HOMES: When private-equity firm Carlyle Group acquired a nursing home, its patients suffered, a new report from the Washington Post shows.