U.S. Stock Market Experiences Another Drop, Finance Execs Say They're Not Going To Saudi Investment Conference

  • DOW DOWN (AGAIN): The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a benchmark for U.S. stocks, had seen an uptick earlier in the week. However, on Thursday, the market fell again on concerns over Italy's national budget and relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia, according to Reuters

  • DAVOS IN THE DESERT: Many major financial players are ditching the Future Investment Initiative summit, also known as Davos in the Desert, after the disappearance and subsequent killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was a U.S. citizen. The latest among those to pull out was Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who announced the news on Thursday, according to Business Insider

  • THIS WEEK IN MENSTRUATION: Menstrual product startup, Flex, which offers a disposable menstrual disc, had two major announcements this week, according to Fortune. Flex has acquired another startup, Keela, which sells a reusable menstrual cup. The company has also raised $3.6 million in venture capital. 

  • LEGALIZE IT: It is now legal to use cannabis in Canada, and as a result, the business will soon be booming. If you're interested in investing, Bloomberg has a smart guide.