U.S. Stock Market Falls, Trump Blames The Federal Reserve

  • DOW DOWN: The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a benchmark for U.S. stocks, fell for the second day Thursday, as investors dumped risky assets during volatile trading, CNBC reports. 

  • WHAT CAUSED THE DROP?: It's important to note that the stock market fall is more like a correction than a bear market (to qualify as a bear market, the drop has to be sustained). President Donald Trump blamed the Federal Reserve for the drop, claiming that Chairman Jerome Powell is raising interest rates too quickly, CNBC reports. In truth, concerns about interest rates and Federal Reserve policy did start the market correction. But once it initially fell, volatility in the market picked up, driving a further drop.

  • SO WHAT DO I DO?: Of course, we're not investment advisers, so we can't provide specific advice, but experts recommend that investors who are saving for retirement or other long-term goals don't make any rash moves. Instead, wait to see where the markets are going and check in with your financial adviser if you have one! 

  • RISK AVERSE?: We think not. Women who invest are not as risk averse as once believed to be, according to a new Bloomberg report. 

  • THE AUDIT GAP: Another gender gap, another day. Less than 20 percent of investment auditors at S&P 500 companies are women, according to the CFA Institute.