GOP Releases Tax Plan, Industries Remain Sexist

  • TRUMP TAX PLAN: The GOP unveiled framework for the new tax plan they hope to pass by the end of 2017 this week. Under the code, corporations' taxes will fall from between 25% and 35%to 20%. The proposal, intended to help the middle class, will mostly benefit wealthy people, according to the New York Times
  • LADY PROBS: Asia has a woman problem, according to Bloomberg. Women are absent from boardrooms and C-suites in the growing economy.
  • BROW SAVER: Power brows won't fix the wage gap per se... but at least they're doing something, so says Reductress.
  • BANKRUPT: A ProPublica investigation shows that the U.S. bankruptcy code is failing black Americans. Primarily to blame, according to the report, are the practices of Southern bankruptcy lawyers. 
  • NOBEL PROBLEMS: The last woman to win a Nobel Prize for physics did so in 1963, according to Scientific American. That year, Maria Goeppert Mayer, won the prize for discovering that an atom's nucleus has an onion-like structure.
  • VC REPPIN': Why aren't venture capital firms funding the companies we need? It's all about representation, according to Fast Company.
  • TOUGH COMPETITION: Alice Milligan, chief customer and digital experience officer, is helping CitiGroup compete in a digital-first economy by developing new products and deploying them quickly, according toBusiness Insider.
  • WALL STREET SEXISM: Wall Street is in its sixth decade of ogling and groping women, unfortunately, according to Institutional Investor.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #22

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