Is the VC Industry Any Less Sexist? The Jury is Still Out

  • VC FUNDING: This week, one of our favorite companies, Ellevest, raised a fresh round of funding, worth $34.6 million. The news backs up a new report from the Venture Capital Journal that shows that more women-led companies are getting funded by venture capital firms. But there's still a way to go. Bloomberg reported this week that a smart breast pump device, beloved by women, can't get funded because venture capitalists don't get it. 
  • PAID LEAVE: Ever wonder how to advocate for paid leave? You have to own your power, expert Angela Romei told Ladies Get Paid. 
  • RACIST ECONOMY: The American economy isn't getting any less racist, a new study shows. Employers are still discriminating against African American job applicants. 
  • SHOO-IN DEAL: Jimmy Choo shareholders voted to approve the acquisition of the company by Michael Kors for $1.2 billion. 
  • MORE EXCITEMENT: Ever wonder how to get more excited about the boring things you have to do at work? This Harvard Business Review piece gives you a few ways to do so. 
  • SHONDA ON MONEY: We are BEYOND obsessed with the new Shondaland website. Check out this list of money apps that actually help you save some serious cash. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #21

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