Toxic Work Cultures, Mnuchin Speaks & Paraguard Sells

  • TOXIC WORK: We read several interesting stories on toxic work environments this week. Of course, the toxic work culture at lending start-up Social Finance, (SoFi) was top of mind. But we were also intrigued by this Dear Prudie column on bad workplaces. 
  • MNUCHIN SPEAKS: This week, Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin spoke at the Delivering Alpha Conference, a gathering for asset managers in New York. He promised tax reform and changes to the way hedge funds pay taxes. Also notable in Mnuchin's world? He requested a government jet for his honeymoon to Europe. Yikes.
  • IUD SALE: The non-hormonal IUD, Paragard, has been sold to medical device maker The Cooper Company (COO) for $1.1 billion from Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA). No changes are being made to the device as a result of the deal.
  • TULIP 2.0: JP Morgan Chase head Jamie Dimon said this week that he views bitcoin as the second coming of the Tulip Crisis (the very first economic bubble). 
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- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #20