Trump, Dems Raise Debt Ceiling While Hurricane Irma Looms

  • RAISE THE ROOF: On Wednesday, Donald Trump struck a deal with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling and keep the government open through December. The stock market responded in kind, as investors breathed a sigh of relief -- at least for now.
  • CYBER STRUGGLE: Equifax, one of the three major agencies that checks your credit, was targeted by hackers. Nearly half of all American adults had data stolen.  Check to see if your social security number, birth date and address were impacted here.
  • WAGE GAP GROWTH: The gap between white and black workers' salaries is growing. On average, black men earn 70% of a white man's salary, which has fallen from 80%, where it was in 1979. The wage gap is even worse for black women, the study showed. 
  • INVESTMENT HOW-TO: Lenny Letter interviewed our heroine, Sallie Krawcheck, this week, about how to get started investing. Check it out!
  • PROCTER & GAMBLE SHAKEUP: Trian Partners, a hedge fund activist investor, is working to shake up Procter & Gamble. The parent company of Herbal Essences and Tampax has struggled to make innovative changes over the past few years, which is why Trian Partners has gotten involved. 
  • CHIC CHANGE: Ever consider setting up your budget so you can afford clothes each month? This Racked guide can get you started.
  • MARKET MADNESS: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said this week that he's worried about the stock market, given that yields on corporate bonds are lower than dividends on stocks. Translation: Investors who put their money into debt are seeing returns, while those who hold stocks are not. This could signal a market downturn.
  • IRMA: Hurricane Irma has already torn a path through Puerto Rico and is heading for Florida. If you want to know how to help those impacted, check out this guide. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #19