Dismal CEO News, Support for Abortion Access & Equal Pay

  • MUST READ: We're unabashedly liberal here at She Spends. So we were pretty frustrated when we saw that the Democratic National Committee is not making a pro-choice stance a "litmus test" for candidates. Lindy West broke down in the New York Times why abortion is a must-support issue for Democrats. "There is no economic equality without the ability to terminate a pregnancy," West wrote.
  • TAKE CREDIT: Many men think they know how credit scores work. But a new study shows that men don't know a whole lot about credit. Good thing we do! 
  • EQUAL PAY: We recognized black women's equal pay day this week. Here's one of our favorite pieces about it, from Insecure's  Yvonne Orji.
  • 22,000: The stock market continued to soar this week. The Dow, a major marker for market performance, hit 22,000 for the first time, which was a pretty big deal. 
  • CEO SHAKEUPS: Two women CEOs stepped down this week. Irene Rosenfeld of Mondelez and Sheri McCoy, head of Avon, stepped down as a result of pressure from activist investors. Yikes. 
  • NFL CHEERLEADERS: The NFL Cheerleaders are fighting for better pay. They're making wages below the minimum, yet their bosses are paid some of the most money across industries. 
  • MISCARRIED COSTS: Having a miscarriage is an expensive experience, according to this new Refinery29 piece. A 20-hour hospital stay cost the writer more than $40,000. Woah. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #14