Avocado Lovers Celebrate, Woman Sues in Defense of Heavy Flow

  • AVOCADO JUNKIES REJOICE: Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods is closing on Monday, which in M&A world is a super fast turnaround. The good news that comes with this announcement? Amazon is lowering prices of many Whole Foods products on Monday, including avocados. Another perk? Prime members are going to get major deals. 
  • HOT BOD: How much is too much to spend on a fitness class? the Wall Street Journal asked. 
  • POOR ADVICE: People who have never lived in poverty need to stop telling poor people how to live. There's so much bunk advice out there for people making minimum wage that doesn't work in practice. The Establishment breaks it down.
  • PERIOD SUIT: A woman was fired from her for having a heavy flow. In response, she's suing the company. Go girl! 
  • UBER MONEY: Axios got access to Uber's financial statement. The private company is often tight-lipped about their money, so this sneak peek is certainly interesting. But buyer beware! Since the financial statement is self-reported, it can be tweaked to reflect favorably on Uber. 
  • LADY LOVE: We love this list of 30 female-founded startups that are creating products people are obsessed with. Glossier, Away and 23andMe all make appearances on the list. 
  • NEGOTIATION: Amy Schumer retroactively negotiated more money for her Netflix special when she found out that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were making nearly DOUBLE on their comedy specials. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #17