CEOs Go Rogue While The Stock Market Weakens

  • ROGUE CEOS: The two White House business advisory groups - the Manufacturing Council and the Strategy and Policy Forum - disbanded this week after Donald Trump made egregious remarks in support of ACTUAL NAZIS in Charlottesville. Big shock, huh? 
  • ADULTING: Or not. Can we ban that word
  • MARKET MOVES: The stock market fell Thursday as a result of increased uncertainty caused by Donald Trump's comments on GOP leaders, as well as the terror attack in Barcelona. 
  • BIG FUCKING DEAL: Private equity firm Energy Capital Partners has agreed to acquire Calpine Corp., a U.S.-based power generator, in a deal worth $17 billion in cash and debt. Damn, that's a pricey company!
  • THRIFTY BUSINESS: A whole lot of Ivanka Trump's clothing line is ending up in Goodwill, according to Fortune
  • COLOR OF RISK: Women of color are exposed to more chemicals in beauty products than white women, according to researchers. Face lightening creams and hair relaxers could be the culprit.
  • #LOOSECHANGE: Don't forget to check out our recently launched blog, #loosechange! We posted a piece on what to do in the wake of the Charlottesville terror attack, as well as a much lighter travel money diary

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #16