Walgreens, Rite Aid Deal Flounders, We Spend a TON on Weddings & Blue Apron Finally Goes Public

  • DEAL DREAMS DASHED: Your two favorite drugstore chains - Walgreens & Rite Aid - were set to merge earlier this year in a $9.4 billion deal. Attempts were thwarted by the Federal Trade Commission, which said the deal would create a monopoly. In response, the two scaled back the initial deal but haven't taken it off the table. Walgreens will buy half of Rite Aid's stores for $5.18 billion in cash. Rite Aid's stock fell 25% on the news because investors expected the deal to fail outright.
  • SPENDING FOR THE WEDDING: We read two interesting pieces this week on wedding costs. The first is an advice column: what to do when you can't afford a rich friend's wedding. The second is a study by wedding website The Knot on the average cost of a wedding in 2016. It's not pretty. 
  • CREEPY INVESTORS: Female founders seeking venture capital share their war stories about creeps who tried to make a pass at them -- while they were doing business. Yuck.
  • BLUE IPO: Blue Apron has finally been listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It listed at a price lower than expected thanks to that Whole Foods/Amazon deal, but at least it didn't lose any value on its first trading day.
  • HEDGE FUND TWITTER: Hedge fund investor, Bill Ackman has finally created a Twitter account, and business Tweeps are freaking out.
  • WOMEN, INTERRUPTED: A recent story from The Atlantic asks: "Why is the onus on women to curb workplace interruptions?"
  • LONG WEEKEND READING: We're obsessed with the Girls Night In newsletter. Best paired with a long weekend and a glass of white wine. 
  • OLD MONEY: The New York Times published a definitive guide to saving for retirement this week.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #9