Another Day, Another Heinous Healthcare Bill Proposed By The Senate


  • HEALTHCARE: Another day, another healthcare bill proposed. This is the Senate's second attempt at creating a bill that will receive enough votes to pass. Many are pushing for this bill's passage because it would allow Republicans to make deep cuts to the federal deficit. But that doesn't reconcile the fact that millions would be unable to access healthcare. 
  • LULU TAKES ON YOUR HOME: Lululemon announced this week that it's launching a home line. 
  • GOOD EGGS: Thinking about donating your eggs? NY Times explored whether egg donors face long term health risks. The jury is still out on whether there are long term risks to donating.
  • BAD BET: The previously announced merger between sports fantasy sites DraftKings and FanDuel has been called off. The two were worried about potential antitrust lawsuits from the Federal Trade Commission, because they're the only two major players in the industry.
  • MONEY GUILT: Ever feel guilty about how much money you make? How to alleviate these feelings. 
  • STARTUP FOR WOMEN: The venture capital industry is coming under fire for the way it treats women, especially women of color. 
  • OUTSIDE IN: We love this series on immigrant women making their way in careers in the U.S. Paola Mathé, in this story, is a fashion icon.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #11