Amazon Transforms Grocery Industry, Uber's CEO Steps Down & Some Sad News for Us Feminists

  • WHOLE NEW DEAL: Last Friday, just after our newsletter published, Amazon announced that it would buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. It's a transformative deal for the online retailer, which has already signaled an interest in expanding into the food space. Other food retailers, including, Krogers and Blue Apron shares plunged on the news. The deal still has yet to close, so be sure to watch out for potential antitrust actions to be taken against the two.
  • FREE LABOR: Did you follow a publication like HerCampus, Spoon University or The Odyssey when you were in college? They're profiting off of free labor. Paying writers is important!
  • KALANICK OUT: Uber's CEO finally stepped down after weeks of being roiled in scandal. We discussed last week. 
  • GADOT GETS MONEY: Or not...find out why she was paid so little to star in Wonder Woman. 
  • LADIES' 401K: A good friend wrote this week on why women are lagging when it comes to saving for retirement.
  • ANOTHER GAP: Women outnumber men in art school, but are underrepresented in the industry, a study shows. Go buy some art from your fav. female/non-binary person ASAP!
  • THEY DON'T REPRESENT!: Is it really any surprise that there are so few Republican women in Congress? (One reason could be that they don't represent women's needs!) Another? Republicans don't fund their campaigns. 

- Alicia McElhaney / Issue #8