Watching Stock Prices Fall as the Trump Team Sputters

  • FALLOUT, FINALLY: The stock market took a giant leap when Donald Trump was elected president because investors believed he would be in favor of deregulation. However, the stock market finally began to fall this week as news came to light that Trump threatened former FBI Director James Comey for investigating Michael Flynn. The U.S. dollar weakened and the Dow Jones Industrial Average - a benchmark for stock market performance - dropped. Both bounced back Thursday, but analysts aren't convinced that a full rebound will take place. If you're a tweeter, follow Emily Stewart, my former colleague, for updates on the political climate's impact on the stock market.
  • MILLION DOLLAR AVOCADOS: Do millionaires know how much avocados cost? This one said if millennials stopped buying avocado toast, they would be able to buy a house. True, the price of avocados is on the rise. But the problem is more likely our collective student debt crisis.
  • WHERE THE GIRLS AREN'T: Women are about to control a massive amount of capital, Marketwatch reports, but there are few financial advisers who are women. Incoming crisis? 
  • SNAP REBOUND: Last week we shared that Snapchat's (SNAP) shares tanked on its first quarter earnings. After heavyweights like Goldman Sachs & Soros Fund Management revealed investments in the company, shares surged early in the week. 
  • SKINCARE BOT: A skincare bot that helps tailor your routine to your own skin's needs - HelloAva - launched this week at TechCrunch. I just used the bot to order a new SPF. 
  • BABY BLUES: According to a New York Times report, the gender wage gap is largely a result of motherhood. Related: The Pregnancy Pause is a great tool that helps new moms return to the workforce. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #3