Free Birth Control for All is in Jeopardy, Blue Apron to go Public, Hillary Clinton is Back

  • PAWS OFF, GOP: On May 31 the department of Health and Humans Services proposed a rule that would allow any employer to opt out of providing birth control via health insurance if they are morally or religiously opposed to it. My good friend wrote about the impact this rule could have on women just after the election. Check it out here.
  • $APRN?: Meal-kit delivery service and podcast darling Blue Apron announced it will file an initial public offering later this year. This means you'll soon be able to be a shareholder of the company...any guesses on its future ticker name? 
  • SHE'S BACK: This piece by Rebecca Traister on Hillary Clinton was stunning. Not so money-centric, but worth a long read when you have a chance.  
  • INCOMING ETF CRISIS?: ETFs, or exchange traded funds, are the hot new investment product. This week I spoke with Mark Okada, co-founder at investment firm Highland Capital, about how ETFs could play a role in the next recession. 
  • EVERYDAY IT RAINS: What happens when you grow up feeling like you can never afford what you really want? What happens when you finally get some extra money? 
  • ASKING FOR MORE: Another brand-spanking-new wage negotiation tool for you, this time from Bustle. 
  • MAJOR MILESTONE: Amazon (AMZN) shares hit $1000 apiece on May 30. The online retail giant was neck and neck for weeks with Google's parent company, Alphabet (ABC) to see which tech giant would hit the milestone first. Fourteen other companies have hit the $1000 milestone previously. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #5