Comey Fails to Move Markets, Uber Sucks, Transparency Rules

  • MARKET MOVES: Investors didn't respond much to the testimony of former FBI director James Comey before the Senate on Thursday. In fact, U.S. stocks were modestly higher Thursday, despite political uncertainty. 
  • UBER IS TRASH: As if you didn't already have a million reasons to switch to Lyft. This week, Kara Swisher and Johana Bhuiyan of Recode reported that Uber executives obtained medical records of a woman who had been raped by her Uber driver, then passed them around the company. He has been fired, but it's clear that the company is a major bro's club. Yikes. 
  • STRONG RETURNS: A Fidelity survey shows that women are better investors than men. Women, according to the survey, are better savers and investors.  
  • SO CHIC: The RealReal, an online designer retail boutique, secured $50 million in funding from Great Hill Partners this week. They've been slaying the fundraising game by raking in $173 million from investors so far. 
  • FEELING SPENDY: Internet friend & Glossier gal Dena Julia of Leo With Cancer wrote about spending money with stage IV metastatic breast cancer this week. Her essay is incredible. 
  • FEMINIST FIGHT CLUB: Based in New York? Check out this event on surviving a male dominated workplace, put on by Sally. 
  • TRANSPARENT: A study shows that employees are more motivated when companies are transparent about salaries. Both women and men benefit according to this 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #6