Is Bitcoin a Bubble? Who is the Real CFPB Head? And Why is Don Blankenship Running for U.S. Senate?

  • WILD WINGS: Buffalo Wild Wings has been acquired by fast-food giant Arby's for $2.9 billion. Eater explores how the company built its brand - and eventually sold itself. 
  • CRYPTO: Bitcoin is all the rage this week, finally surpassing $10,000. The cryptocurrency then fell 20%, CNBC reported Thursday. The investment is a highly volatile one right now, which means its price varies A LOT day-to-day.
  • HIGH-INTEREST: A new financial services firm, Affirm, is offering "payment plans" for clothing. Translation: You can take out a small loan to buy an expensive pair of jeans. Racked asks whether this practice makes sense. 
  • SINGLE WOMEN AND MONEY: Women are staying single for longer, which comes as no surprise. What is surprising is this new piece of Fidelity research that shows that single women are not taking steps to invest for the future.
  • CFBP DRAMA: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau experienced major drama this week in terms of staffing. The New York Times breaks it down.
  • TONGUE IN CHEEK: This piece from DealBreaker, titled "Thank God There Is No Sexual Abuse On Wall Street," gave us a good laugh. If only that were true!
  • SOME "BLANKENSHIT": A former coal executive who went to jail for breaking mine safety laws (laws that could have saved 29 men from dying in one of his mines), is now running for the U.S. Senate. Local news source WCHS is reporting that Don Blankenship has thrown his hat into the ring for the seat.