Women-Owned Businesses Opening at Impressive Clip

  • SMALL BIZ SUCCESS: One in five small businesses are now owned by women,CNN reports. What's more is that women are opening these businesses at a faster pace than men. 
  • PILLOW TALK: Former hedge fund star Nehal Chopra made a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission after her husband improperly shared investment recommendations with her, Institutional Investor reports. 
  • ETF NATION: BlackRock and Vanguard -- the two main providers of index funds -- are less than a decade from managing $20 trillion, Bloomberg reports. What happens when asset managers rule the world? 
  • BITCOIN BUBBLE: Bitcoin was on a tear this week, signaling that traditional investors are embracing the cryptocurrency. Is Bitcoin ready for Wall Street? CNBC asks. 
  • BONDS FOR EQUALITY: One way to combat gender equality is to invest in bonds whose proceeds go to businesses actually doing the work to close the wage gap, according to the Wall Street Journal.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #32

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