Lack of Women Leaders a National Emergency, GOP Releases Plan for Tax Reform

  • RED ALERT: The lack of women leaders at companies in the United States is a national emergency, according to HuffPost. According to the report's author, men in power take advantage of the role, sometimes sexually harrassing or assaulting their underlings at work. One way to solve the problem is to promote more women to top positions.
  • TAX REFORM: The House Republicans released a tax plan Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported. There will not be the previously floated $2,000 per year cap on 401(k) savings plans, among other changes.
  • MYLAN TROUBLES: EpiPen maker Mylan had several problems this week. One of its top executives is embroiled in a price-fixing scandal, according to Bloomberg, while EpiPens are failing to appropriately deploy. 
  • WAGE GAP: What do you do when the wage gap happens to you? A former Wall Street Journal reporter shares her experience in this week's issue of Lenny Letter
  • SICK FINANCES: Getting the flu can wreck havoc on your personal finances, according to CNBC. Between missing work, pricey medications and doctor visits, you can pay a pretty penny for avoiding the flu shot.  
  • UNSURPRISING NEWS: Millennials want to share everything, including information about their finances, according to a CNN report. 
  • UH, DUH: The biggest cause of financial stress, a CNBC report shows, is when expenses exceed income. Sounds pretty self-explanatory, no? 
  • TAKE CREDIT: We love this guide from Refinery 29 on applying for your first credit card. Share with a little sister or niece! 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #27

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