House of Representatives Passes Bill to Change the Tax Code

  • TAX BILL PASSES: The House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass a tax bill, which is slated to be the biggest reform to the tax code since the '80s, theWashington Post reports. The bill will have to pass the Senate before it's enacted into law. Lawmakers say they hope to have the bill on President Donald Trump's desk by Christmas.
  • TECH DISCRIMINATION: The tech industry is rife with discrimination toward women, The New Yorker reports. "One former Tesla employee told [the author] that women made up less than 10% of her working group; at one point, there were actually more men named Matt in the group than there were women."
  • WEIGHTY SUBJECT: Workplace discrimination hits plus-sized women harder than most other groups, a piece from Refinery 29 shows. 
  • STAYING IN: Biotech firm uBiome launched an at-home test for HPV, STIs and more sexual health concerns this week, Tech Crunch reports. We love the innovation (and the encouragement of laziness). 
  • PRIVATE BOOKSELLER?: Barnes and Noble shares were up Thursday on a report from the Wall Street Journal that the company could be taken private by an activist investor. 
  • WOMEN FIRST: Investment assets that put women first have attracted more than $2.2 billion in capital, Bloomberg reports. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #29

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