Telecom Companies Deal With Acquisition Strife

  • TELECOM TURMOIL: This week was wild in the telecommunications sector. A report from The New York Times showed that the Justice Department tried to pressure AT&T and Time Warner to sell CNN as a part of a larger deal between the two companies. Meanwhile, the Times also reported that Disney held talks to acquire 21st Century Fox. 
  • RICH BITCH: We found this piece in The Cut about a rich woman who doesn't want her co-workers to know how much money she has particularly interesting this week.
  • COLLEGE IMBALANCE: Parents are saving more money for their sons' college funds than those of their daughters, the Wall Street Journal reports. 
  • CLOSER TO PARITY: This week, healthcare giant Anthem became the second-largest company with a female CEO, according to CNN
  • CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION: We love the way this 60-year-old artist roasted Supreme. “What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.”
  • UN-SEXY: Drug giant Valeant returned the female libido pill it acquired for $1 billion to its creator this week, a Bloomberg report shows. 
  • SOME LEVITY: On a budget? Amy Sedaris shows you how to replace severed fingertips on the cheap, via Jezebel.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #28

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