Theranos Charged with Massive Fraud, Toys 'R' Us Plans to Close Its Doors

  • BIOTECH BOMBSHELL: Theranos executives Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani have been charged with "massive fraud" by the SEC,Institutional Investor reports. This is after the two claimed for years that their purportedly revolutionary blood testing device actually worked. Spoiler alert: it didn't.
  • THE END: Toys 'R' Us will soon close its doors, but Amazon isn't to blame, CNNreports. Instead, blame the private equity firms that saddled the toy retailer with debt through a leveraged buyout
  • THE TIPPING EQUATION: The New York Times released an investigative report this week on the ways servers have to endure sexual harassment to ensure they are well-tipped. 
  • THE MEDICAL WAGE GAP: Female doctors are paid far less than male doctors, according to Bloomberg. Related: The wage gap starts when we're teens, according to the Guardian
  • 21 SAVAGE ON MONEY: Rapper 21 Savage has announced that he's launching a financial literacy program for kids, according to All Black Media
  • TESLA EXODUS: Another Tesla executive has left the company, Markets Insiderreports. This is the second finance executive to leave the tech company in the past week. 
  • SNAP BETTER HAVE RIH'S MONEY: Snapchat's stock fell nearly 5% on  Thursday after the app ran a problematic af ad about Rihanna's abuse by Chris Brown, Reuters reports. This isn't the first time the app's stock has fallen on celebrity input. In February, Kylie Jenner tweeted about Snapchat's updates and the app's stock lost $1.3 billion in value, according to Time
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President Trump Enacts Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum, Amazon Appeals to Low-Income Customers

  • TARIFF UPDATE: Last week, President Donald Trump announced major tariffs on steel and aluminum imported from foreign countries. He signed the final tariffson Thursday, which spare Canadian and Mexican imports from being taxed, theWall Street Journal reports. The auto industry, which is already floundering, will likely be the most affected by these changes, according to Markets Insider
  • AMAZON'S UNBANKING: Amazon is making inroads with low-income customers, offering a low-cost version of Amazon Prime to Medicaid recipients,Quartz reports. They're also looking to offer checking accounts to customers without bank accounts, according to Markets Insider.  
  • REBEL GIRLS: Benefit Cosmetics has a storied past, according to Shondaland, which notes that the company's iconic Benetint was created after a stripper came to the store in search of nipple rouge. 
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE FOR WOMEN OF COLOR: This long read in Slateincludes some important statistics about the growing wage gap between white women and women of color. Take a half hour this weekend to dig into it. 
  • WOMEN IN PRIVATE EQUITY: Women produce better returns on behalf of private equity firms, this column in Bloomberg Gadfly notes.
  • #METOO IN FINANCE: The problem of gender inequity still exists in finance and millennial women are afraid to talk about it, according to the Financial Times
  • WHERE ARE THE WOMEN AT?: About 90% of portfolio managers are men, but not because men are better at these jobs, according to MarketWatch

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #44

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Trump Announces Major Tariffs, Retailers Announce Gun Sale Regulations

  • FOREIGN TAX: On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced a 25% tariff on foreign steel and a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum. CNBC reports that the markets fell sharply on the news and that it could lead to retaliatory tariffs from other countries.
  • GUN REGS: Three major gun retailers — Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart and Kroger — have added regulations to curb gun purchases, the Wall Street Journalreports. 
  • WALL STREET'S #MeToo MOMENT: Wall Street has a shameful history of workplace sexual harassment and assault, Vanity Fair reports. 
  • CHANGES AT FIDELITY: Mutual fund giant Fidelity may change the way it rewards its stock pickers in light of the #metoo movement, the Wall Street Journal reports. 
  • WHAT ABOUT WAGES?: The U.S. economy is booming, except for wages.Bloomberg breaks down why. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #43

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Barclays Pays Women Significantly Less Money than Men, Victoria's Secret's Parent Company Struggles to Stay Afloat

  • BARCLAYS PAY GAP: Barclays PLC, a UK-based bank, revealed that it pays female investment bankers 48% of what it pays their male counterparts. The gap grows to 79% for discretionary bonuses, according to Bloomberg
  • VICTORIA'S SECRET STRUGGLE: The parent company of Victoria's Secret, L Brands, is floundering, according to Markets Insider. Panty prices have dropped and the brand may have focused too much on its PINK offerings. Hate to say we told ya so, but we told ya so 
  • BEAUTY NEWS: Glossier has snagged a third round of venture capital funding worth $52 million, according to Recode. Meanwhile, its cheaper counterpart, Deciem (The Ordinary's parent company), is struggling as its founder has fired the beauty brand's co-CEO rather publicly, Racked reports. And ClassPass is adding wellness and beauty treatments to its offerings, Byrdiesays. 
  • BLACK VENTURE CAPITALISTS: We love this list of 25 black venture capitalists to watch in 2018 from Pitchbook. Want to know what it's like to raise VC money as a black woman in 2018? Check out this Refinery29 piece. 
  • HEDGE STRUGGLES: A major reason hedge funds are struggling to keep pace with other investment firms? Its their lack of diversity, according to Business Insider.
  • MEDICAL #METOO: Women working at hospitals and in the medical field struggle with sexual harassment and assault too, NBC reports. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #42

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Banks Deny People of Color Home Loans, One Company Controls Almost Half of All Student Loan Payments

  • KEPT OUT: Banks are keeping people of color from buying homes by routinely denying them home loans at fair rates, the Associated Press reports. According to the report, African Americans face the most discrimination in southern cities like Mobile, Alabama, and Gainesville, Florida, while Latinos are most likely to face this type of discrimination in Iowa City, Iowa. 
  • STUDENT LOAN MONOPOLY: One company will now handle close to half of all student loan payments, Marketwatch reports. 
  • SEEING EVIL: What happens when you see sexual harassment take place at work? Sexual harassment affects not only the victim but also those who witness it taking place, according to CNN.
  • RESTAURANT WAGES: The tipped minimum wage system has encouraged sexual harassment at restaurants, according to Rewire
  • MONEY IS POWER: Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid's Tale and other novels, shared her money diary with Wealthsimple
  • TACO 'BOUT IT: Chipotle has hired Taco Bell's now-former CEO to do damage control, according to Markets Insider
  • GOT MILK?: Breast milk isn't free, Slate reminds us. It costs women time and effort to feed their babies. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #41

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Stock Market Flounders For One Week: Is This The Top?

  • DOW DROP: The Dow Jones Industrial Average – a marker for the stock market's performance on the whole – has been falling since last Friday reports CNBC.
  • WORKING MOMS: Moms are punished in the workplace, even when they own their own businesses, according to The Washington Post
  • PAY CUTS FOR MEN: Men taking pay cuts won't do much to change the wage gap, CNN reports. 
  • LULU DRAMA: Lululemon's shares fell this week after its CEO abruptly resigned for violating the company's standards, Business Insider reports.  
  • CLASS PASSING: How do people who grew up poor, but now are considered wealthy, learn the rules of the rich? This Guardian piece explores answers to that question.
  • BROKE BITCHES: Our parents are broke and so are we, according to Bustle. So how do we deal? 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #40

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Study: Wage Gap is a Result of Sexism (Duh)

  • WAGE GAP NEWS: The wage gap is a result of sexism, not low paying industries, new research shows. According to Buzzfeed, the study shows that men and women add the same amount of value to their workplace, but are compensated completely differently for that value. Yikes.
  • #FINANCETOO: The finance industry is trying to cash in on #metoo, according to The New York Times. They are offering victims of sexual assault money ahead of lawsuits. That money, though, comes with a high interest rate. 
  • BAD NEWS FOR BITCOIN: The Securities and Exchange Commission (the main regulator of the stock market in the U.S.), shut down an initial coin offering this week, Business Insider reports.
  • FOR RICHER OR POORER: This Buzzfeed piece on losing wealth during a divorce is an important read.
  • HEALTHCARE PARTNERS: JPMorgan, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway announced a partnership to cut down on healthcare costs this week,Marketwatch reports. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #39

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Amazon, Bank of America Hike Fees for Customers

  • DIVERSITY WINS: Companies with more diversity within their executive teams were able to post higher profit margins, the Wall Street Journal reports.
  • GOT FOMO?: Are you worried about record highs in the stock market? It's beside the point, according to CNN.
  • FREE CHECKING NO MORE: Bank of America will no longer offer free checking accounts to customers who don't have either a daily balance of $1,500 or more, or direct deposits of $250 or more each month, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • BUMBLE FOR SALE: A CNBC report from this week showed that the majority owner of Bumble, Badoo, is putting its 79% stake in the company up for sale. 
  • BEFORE FENTY: Racked details the history of makeup made for black women in this special report
  • PRIME FEES: Amazon is hiking the fees of its monthly Prime membership, according to Business Insider. The move pleased investors, but customers were not as happy with the news. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #38

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Amazon Narrows HQ2 List, Government Considers a Shutdown

  • BANKROLLING ABUSE: Fannie Mae, the major mortgage lender synonymous with the 2008 financial crisis, footed the bill for hotel stays where a boss sexually abused an employee, the Daily Beast reports. 
  • IMPROVING OURSELVES TO DEATH: This New Yorker article on self-improvement - and its costs, both emotionally and financially - is fantastic. 
  • HEALTHCARE SOLUTION?: Major hospital systems are planning to create generic drugs to compete with giant pharmaceutical companies and to drive down costs, the Wall Street Journal reports. 
  • WANT HAPPINESS?: Buy yourself some time, not more stuff, according to thisReuters column. 
  • AMAZON HQ2: Amazon narrowed the list of cities for its second headquarters to 20 options this week, CNBC reports. Cities are spending tons of money to impress the internet giant. 
  • GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: A government shutdown is looming, as Democrats, Republicans and President Donald Trump are struggling to agree on a budget for 2018, according to the Washington Post

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #37

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Walmart Raises Wages For Some, Fires Others With No Notice

  • WALMART: After announcing raises and bonuses for Walmart workers, the company closed 63 Sam's Club stores, giving little notice to its workers, CNBCreports. 
  • BIG SURPRISE: Women are turning their backs on lucrative jobs in Silicon Valley because of discrimination and pay discrepancies, Marketwatch reports. 
  • SCOUT STUFF: The Girl Scouts announced this week that they're adding 23 new badges focused on STEM to encourage girls in science and tech, USA Today reports. 
  • WALL STREET SEXISM: Haven't heard much #metoo from Wall Street workers? There's a reason, according to the New Yorker. A rigged system allows powerful firms to keep sexual harassment quiet.
  • ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD: Except, apparently, for Michelle Williams, who was paid just $1,000 for the reshoot of the film, All The Money in the World. By comparison, her co-star Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million, USA Todayreports. 
  • LENDING RULES: The Trump administration has plans to change rules for banks that mandate lending to low-income borrowers, the Wall Street Journal reports. It could make it more difficult for people in low-income areas to receive loans. 
  • RECOMMENDED READING: Not every hobby has to be a side hustle, Ann Friedman writes for The Cut

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #36

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Dow Hits 25,000, Intel Flounders After Revealing Vulnerability to Hackers

  • HIGH PRICE TAG: Why do U.S. citizens pay so much more for health care than people in other countries? asks The New York TimesIt's all about the price tag, not the amount of care we receive, the report shows. 
  • DOW 25,000: Some say it's a silly benchmark, others take it as a sign that investors are overzealous and we're in for an economic downturn. Regardless of opinion, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a benchmark for the U.S. stock market, hit $25,000 this week, the Wall Street Journal reports. 
  • TECH TROUBLE: Investors sold off massive amounts of Intel stock this week after the tech company revealed that the chips it makes are vulnerable to hackers, CNBC reports. 
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE: Capital One customers were double charged for some transactions this week, CNBC reports. Make sure you check your bank account to see if you were affected. 
  • MIND THE GAP: Iceland has made it illegal to pay women less than men, theWashington Post reports. 
  • WEARING ARMOR: This New York Times piece on dressing to appear believable after being sexually harassed (and taking action against the perpetrator) is incredible.  
  • POOR CHOICE: Why do we always blame the poor? asks Zero Day Finance.
  • HEDGING AGAINST ASSAULT: Here's how one hedge fund dealt with a sexual harassment scandal, as told by Institutional Investor.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #35


Tax Bill Passes Congress, Ellevest Cuts Fees

  • TAX BILL: The tax bill has passed Congress. Now that it's done, NPR breaks down what is next when it comes to implementing the law.
  • CRYPTO MADNESS: Long Island Iced Tea Corp. changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. this week and saw its stock price rise more than 300%,Bloomberg is reporting. Sound familiar? It reminds us of the tech bubble that caused a stock market crash in 2001. 
  • #SHINETHEORY: We're so excited to see that Refinery29's Money Diaries column is becoming a book!
  • FEES CUT: Robo-advisor Ellevest cut investment fees for investors with less than $50,000 in their accounts from 0.5% to 0.25%. The female-owned firm is now offering private wealth management, in addition to its robo-investing products, at a premium. 
  • WAGE GAP: E! Network host Catt Sadler has quit, according to the AP, citing that Jason Kennedy, her co-host, makes nearly double her salary.
  • ANOTHER FEMALE VC FUND: Host of The Valley Girl Show, Jesse Draper, has closed a $10 million venture capital fund focused on female founders, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • PRACTICAL ADVICE: Lola published a guide this week on how to ask for a lactation room at work. New mothers rejoice!

Tax Reform Uncertain, Net Neutrality Repealed

  • NET NEUTRALITY IS DEAD: On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back net neutrality rules, per The New York Times. The implications are uncertain, but in a truly dystopian world, we could have to pay for all sorts of information online. 
  • UNCERTAINTY IN CONGRESS: Also on Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-Fla.), said he would vote "no" on the latest version of the tax reform bill unless a tax credit for the working poor was included, the Washington Post reported. 
  • CRYSTAL BROS: According to the New York Post, Wall Street bros are really into healing crystals. 
  • FOX AND MOUSE GAME: In M&A news, the Walt Disney Co. announced that it will buy some assets from 21st Century Fox Inc. for $52.4 billion in stock and $13.7 in debt, Reuters reported. 
  • GENERIC DRUGS: Teva Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest manufacturers of generic drugs, laid off 14,000 employees worldwide, closing factories and research facilities, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. The company's share price was up roughly 11% midday Thursday as a result. 
  • POOR MILLENNIALS: This HuffPost discussion of millennial poverty is a fantastic long read for your Friday. 
  • GAY ON WALL STREET: Not into millennials? Check out Institutional Investor'sexpose on what it's like to be LGBTQ on Wall Street in 2017. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #33

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Women-Owned Businesses Opening at Impressive Clip

  • SMALL BIZ SUCCESS: One in five small businesses are now owned by women,CNN reports. What's more is that women are opening these businesses at a faster pace than men. 
  • PILLOW TALK: Former hedge fund star Nehal Chopra made a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission after her husband improperly shared investment recommendations with her, Institutional Investor reports. 
  • ETF NATION: BlackRock and Vanguard -- the two main providers of index funds -- are less than a decade from managing $20 trillion, Bloomberg reports. What happens when asset managers rule the world? 
  • BITCOIN BUBBLE: Bitcoin was on a tear this week, signaling that traditional investors are embracing the cryptocurrency. Is Bitcoin ready for Wall Street? CNBC asks. 
  • BONDS FOR EQUALITY: One way to combat gender equality is to invest in bonds whose proceeds go to businesses actually doing the work to close the wage gap, according to the Wall Street Journal.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #32

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Is Bitcoin a Bubble? Who is the Real CFPB Head? And Why is Don Blankenship Running for U.S. Senate?

  • WILD WINGS: Buffalo Wild Wings has been acquired by fast-food giant Arby's for $2.9 billion. Eater explores how the company built its brand - and eventually sold itself. 
  • CRYPTO: Bitcoin is all the rage this week, finally surpassing $10,000. The cryptocurrency then fell 20%, CNBC reported Thursday. The investment is a highly volatile one right now, which means its price varies A LOT day-to-day.
  • HIGH-INTEREST: A new financial services firm, Affirm, is offering "payment plans" for clothing. Translation: You can take out a small loan to buy an expensive pair of jeans. Racked asks whether this practice makes sense. 
  • SINGLE WOMEN AND MONEY: Women are staying single for longer, which comes as no surprise. What is surprising is this new piece of Fidelity research that shows that single women are not taking steps to invest for the future.
  • CFBP DRAMA: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau experienced major drama this week in terms of staffing. The New York Times breaks it down.
  • TONGUE IN CHEEK: This piece from DealBreaker, titled "Thank God There Is No Sexual Abuse On Wall Street," gave us a good laugh. If only that were true!
  • SOME "BLANKENSHIT": A former coal executive who went to jail for breaking mine safety laws (laws that could have saved 29 men from dying in one of his mines), is now running for the U.S. Senate. Local news source WCHS is reporting that Don Blankenship has thrown his hat into the ring for the seat. 

House of Representatives Passes Bill to Change the Tax Code

  • TAX BILL PASSES: The House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass a tax bill, which is slated to be the biggest reform to the tax code since the '80s, theWashington Post reports. The bill will have to pass the Senate before it's enacted into law. Lawmakers say they hope to have the bill on President Donald Trump's desk by Christmas.
  • TECH DISCRIMINATION: The tech industry is rife with discrimination toward women, The New Yorker reports. "One former Tesla employee told [the author] that women made up less than 10% of her working group; at one point, there were actually more men named Matt in the group than there were women."
  • WEIGHTY SUBJECT: Workplace discrimination hits plus-sized women harder than most other groups, a piece from Refinery 29 shows. 
  • STAYING IN: Biotech firm uBiome launched an at-home test for HPV, STIs and more sexual health concerns this week, Tech Crunch reports. We love the innovation (and the encouragement of laziness). 
  • PRIVATE BOOKSELLER?: Barnes and Noble shares were up Thursday on a report from the Wall Street Journal that the company could be taken private by an activist investor. 
  • WOMEN FIRST: Investment assets that put women first have attracted more than $2.2 billion in capital, Bloomberg reports. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #29

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Telecom Companies Deal With Acquisition Strife

  • TELECOM TURMOIL: This week was wild in the telecommunications sector. A report from The New York Times showed that the Justice Department tried to pressure AT&T and Time Warner to sell CNN as a part of a larger deal between the two companies. Meanwhile, the Times also reported that Disney held talks to acquire 21st Century Fox. 
  • RICH BITCH: We found this piece in The Cut about a rich woman who doesn't want her co-workers to know how much money she has particularly interesting this week.
  • COLLEGE IMBALANCE: Parents are saving more money for their sons' college funds than those of their daughters, the Wall Street Journal reports. 
  • CLOSER TO PARITY: This week, healthcare giant Anthem became the second-largest company with a female CEO, according to CNN
  • CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION: We love the way this 60-year-old artist roasted Supreme. “What a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.”
  • UN-SEXY: Drug giant Valeant returned the female libido pill it acquired for $1 billion to its creator this week, a Bloomberg report shows. 
  • SOME LEVITY: On a budget? Amy Sedaris shows you how to replace severed fingertips on the cheap, via Jezebel.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #28

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Lack of Women Leaders a National Emergency, GOP Releases Plan for Tax Reform

  • RED ALERT: The lack of women leaders at companies in the United States is a national emergency, according to HuffPost. According to the report's author, men in power take advantage of the role, sometimes sexually harrassing or assaulting their underlings at work. One way to solve the problem is to promote more women to top positions.
  • TAX REFORM: The House Republicans released a tax plan Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported. There will not be the previously floated $2,000 per year cap on 401(k) savings plans, among other changes.
  • MYLAN TROUBLES: EpiPen maker Mylan had several problems this week. One of its top executives is embroiled in a price-fixing scandal, according to Bloomberg, while EpiPens are failing to appropriately deploy. 
  • WAGE GAP: What do you do when the wage gap happens to you? A former Wall Street Journal reporter shares her experience in this week's issue of Lenny Letter
  • SICK FINANCES: Getting the flu can wreck havoc on your personal finances, according to CNBC. Between missing work, pricey medications and doctor visits, you can pay a pretty penny for avoiding the flu shot.  
  • UNSURPRISING NEWS: Millennials want to share everything, including information about their finances, according to a CNN report. 
  • UH, DUH: The biggest cause of financial stress, a CNBC report shows, is when expenses exceed income. Sounds pretty self-explanatory, no? 
  • TAKE CREDIT: We love this guide from Refinery 29 on applying for your first credit card. Share with a little sister or niece! 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #27

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Insys CEO Ousted, Sensor Proves Gender Gap At Work

  • DRUG CONSPIRACY: The founder of drugmaker Insys Therapeutics, has been arrested and charged in a conspiracy to profit from illegally distributing a pain-relieving dose of fentanyl called Subsys, according to STAT News.
  • FORTUNE FOUR: A new report from The Atlantic shows that there are just four black CEOs at Fortune 500 companies. Yikes. 
  • SENSOR STUDY: A new study used sensors to show that men and women are treated differently in the workplace, per Harvard Business Review.
  • WHITE PRIVILEGE: Bitches Get Riches, one of our favorite personal finance blogs, shared a post on the financial advantages of being white. 
  • ANGELA ASCENDANT: Meet the woman behind the way you buy your iPhone, Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice president of retail, in this Buzzfeed profile. 
  • RETAIL SHAKEUP: Amanda, our editor, covered the New Jersey Macy's store that's a test tube for new concepts in Racked. Macy's has been struggling to keep up with its e-commerce peers, so it's important to watch changes it may make, like these.
  • BLACK WOMEN IN TECH: We love this roundup by Create & Cultivate of five black women in tech who are about to be powerhouses. 
  • THIN ICE: Ever struggle to read your boss' signals at work? This Wall Street Journal report is for you.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #26

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Women Share Stories of Sexual Assault and Harassment With #MeToo

  • OTHER HARVEYS: It's been tough to look away from all the Harvey Weinstein news over the past few weeks. We're glad it's coming to light, but we recognize the pain many survivors are feeling right now. Molly Ringwald's piece for The New Yorker, All The Other Harvey Weinsteins, was especially striking for us.
  • #METOO: Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial  shared a post on the intersection of #metoo and money that resonated. Check it out.
  • BEAUTY TECH: More than 60% of Sephora's tech employees are women, The Wall Street Journal reports.
  • FAST FOOD: Fast food was created by and for men... so where do women fit in? Buzzfeed asks.
  • STEEL WORK: This New York Times piece follows a woman who landed a job in the steel industry to escape from her abusive boyfriend. It details how the industry saved her before the plant moved to Mexico.
  • BLACK MONDAY: This Bloomberg retrospective on Black Monday, the day 30 years ago when the stock market fell 23%, is terrifically reported and can teach us a lot about the markets. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #25

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