How a 27-year-old Bay Area-based writer spends:

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  • SALARY: I make $46,000 per year as a writer, substitute teacher, copywriter and occasional maid. 

  • SAVINGS: I have $7.16 in my savings account. 

  • MONTHLY EXPENSES: I spend about $2375 each month on rent. I do not contribute to my 401(k), but I do pay for my health insurance. I pay for Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Susan Millers astrology app, and a workout app each month. There's also my monthly bills, which include PG&E,  the water/sewer/trash bill, the internet bill, the phone bill, and my student loan payments.

  • INVESTING: I have not yet started investing. 

  • DEBT: I have student loans that I'm working toward paying off right now.

  • SPENDING VICTORY:  I legitimately cannot think of an answer to this. 

  • SPENDING REGRET: Any time I buy anything for myself I usually regret it especially clothes, skincare and makeup that I don’t end up liking. 

  • IF I WON THE LOTTERY: I'd buy a house and a car, and then get rid of my debt.

  • SIDE HUSTLE: Floral design and sometimes I do tarot readings for people. I also clean houses on the side and pick up freelance writing work when I can.

  • CHARITY: I contributed most recently to my town’s girls' softball league as well as my town’s resource center.

  • GOALS: I want to make enough to be out of debt with zero balance on all my bills. I also want to have a savings big enough to cover like six months of living. I eventually want to buy a house.