Two Years of Money Diaries, By The Numbers

Since the inception of She Spends, we've been sharing the spending secrets of one reader each week -- completely anonymously. During that time, 257 readers shared their money diaries. Here's what we've learned! Don't feel like your experience is represented in the data below? Fill out the money diaries survey to have your voice heard! 

  • AVERAGE SALARY: Survey respondents make $61,909 per year on average. The highest take-home-pay clocked in at an impressive $300,000.

  • AVERAGE SAVINGS: Survey respondents are impressive savers. On average, they report having $15,274 in their savings accounts. Our biggest saver had $600,000 in their account. We hope some of that was invested!

  • HOUSING: Survey respondents reported spending an average of $1068 on housing each month. For some, that included utilities. Still living with your parents? Don't worry, 33 other folks who responded to the survey said they are, mostly because they're working to pay off student loans. 

  • AGE: The average age of respondents was just over 27. Our youngest was 20, and our oldest was 55. 

  • LOCATION: We have only been tracking where our readers live for about a year, but our survey respondents by and large dwell in urban areas. Twenty-nine respondents said they live in New York, so if the average housing costs seemed high to you, that could be why. Twenty respondents live in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas. We are lucky to have some international respondents, including folks from Cape Town, South Africa and Munich, Germany. 

  • CHARITY:  She Spends readers are super charitable. Some of your favorite organizations to give to include Planned Parenthood (30 respondents recently donated to the organization), the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Eating Disorders Association. 

  • SALARY NEGOTIATION: Of our survey respondents, 130 have never asked for a raise, while 120 have done so. We hope that reading She Spends inspires some of you folks to ask for a little more!