How a 25-year-old Denver-based fund accountant spends:

  • SALARY: I make $68,500 per year as a fund accountant for a large hedge fund and private equity fund administrator based in Denver. I asked for a promotion and a raise, they gave me about half of what I asked for on both fronts.

  • SAVINGS: I have a regular savings account with $5,000 in it and a couple of Qapital savings accounts for specific things coming up (a trip with my sister, a move across the country, a road trip before said move) with $8,800 in it total. 

  • MONTHLY EXPENSES: I split a one bedroom 700-square-foot basement apartment in Denver with my boyfriend, we pay $1,525 a month including all of our utilities, and I usually pay around $900 of this. I contribute to a 401(k) and I'm still on my parents' healthcare. I also pay for pet insurance ($40/month), HBO Now ($16/month), Patreon ($45/month), Classpass ($39/month), work parking ($180/month (pre-tax)), and a NYT subscription ($27/month). 

  • INVESTING: I have a couple of investment accounts that are leftover from my college fund and I use the financial planner that my parents use. They are incredibly nice, and I trust them a lot so it works out really well. 

  • SIDE HUSTLE: Tutoring - I make $60 per month. 

  • SPENDING VICTORY:  Upgraded skincare, I was a die-hard cheapest thing at the drugstore girl for years and recently got new skincare and makeup that was slightly more expensive and my skin has never been happier.

  • SPENDING REGRET: Cheap clothing, I always end up replacing it with nicer items that will actually last.

  • IF I WON THE LOTTERY: A new car, I love mine but it is 14 years old! 

  • GOALS: I would like to start saving to buy a house, and possibly think about going to graduate school.